Let Jennifer create an original painting for you or yours. Send her photos from your favorite moment and she will help you remember your special day for a lifetime.

She will also make special one of a kind little gifts for your loved ones.

She LOVES making large scale colorful paintings for that just perfect space in your home.

Learn more about how she does it at one of her fun workshops. She’d love to teach you how to make your own studio practice!


Create lasting images of ephemeral moments. Turning your image of a fleeting moment into an evocative painting is Jennifer’s goal at Seibert Studios. She aims to capture these special memories in layers of rich paint, lively color, and flowing marks. Preserving the colors of your memories is her goal. Send her a couple of your favorite images and she will work with you to create a dreamy memory for you to help you remember for a lifetime.


Join us for a fun afternoon of creativity (and, usually a lot of laughter). Learn about composition, value, color theory, and paint application techniques. You will create a few workbook studies to work through your nerves, and a create a little impressionistic painting. Yummy treats and tasty libations will be provided. It is fun three hours and we hope you can join the next one!


Jennifer’s paintings are inspired by change. She is intrigued by how quickly memories shift, thoughts alter, how an instance can rework itself in our memory. She is inspired by how impossible it is to capture these moments. It is the measure of ever-changing life and how challenging it is to accurately remember a moment that builds her work. By layering subtle colors, rich value ranges, and complicated marks she attempts to capture something fleeting with the chance of catching the ephemeral. She’d love to make one for you!